Wednesday Brand Solutions executes Get out & play with chester! in which they took Cheetos’s mascot Chester to Kerala, Cheetos a product from Frito-Lay subsidiary of Pepsi CO,  Chester is touring Kerala these days and has already covered 8 cities here that included Trivandrum, Kollam, Cochin etc. Building anticipation around the thought ‘Chester arrives in your town!’, which was simultaneously  promoted on Radio and other mediums.

According to Mr. Gaurav Dua Sr. Manager with Wednesday; In today’s times when kids do not indulge into many outdoor activities & its all about playing with gadgets, there is dire a need for them to step out & play, Chester induced them to come and play with him and did sampling in an interesting way. Dua added; It was for the first time when teens will get a chance to meet Chester for real and experience outdoor fun. Opportunity to win sport merchandize which reiterates the campaign; Get out & play with Chester!. Small engagements and main activity happens at the float and every location we took out one winner per location every day. Group M’s activation division Dialog Factory conceptualized the entire activity, Chester has already met over 2000 children and over 50000 people witnessed this activity