If we ask anyone how to use social media to advance their business and you will hear the response, use LinkedIn, but there are more innovative ways to use social media for company advancement. Professionals who want to move ahead in their professions can learn ways they can improve their opportunities and their business using these tips.

Whether you are looking for a prospective client or employer chances are good they may be found somewhere online using different modes of social media. Social media allows us to engage with new people and develop some of those relationships online. Simply following another person on Twitter is not enough. Sprinkling a new connection with multiple comments is also not a good idea. The answer lies somewhere in between.

Although; LinkedIn is a great place to search for people who might be a good connection to you, whether it’s for mentorship or a new lead on a job or just a good new connection, but it’s a little bit hard to connect there, so you can use LinkedIn as a search tool to find the right people, and then Twitter is a really good way to actually make a connection with them.

Another tip is to show up where your customers are; it isn’t enough to go to a networking once in a while, you should use social media to get more involved in the industry. When your customers see your name banging up in their favorite online social media channel, it will keep you top of mind for them when it comes to making business decisions later.

In today’s scenario we must stay marketable and elaborate our knowledge. There are many options for learning new skills online, participating in these courses will not only help to expand your network, but it will also provide you with more opportunity to use what you recently learned to provide value to others.

Sure you use social media to make yourself look good. But you should always look for ways to raise others up, especially your business associates, making your clients look good and connecting with yourself will help them to see you are thoughtful, helpful, and that you possess enough business intelligence to go the extra mile

You should own the responsibility of developing your personal brand and using social media to provide your public face. Once people can get a clearer idea of who you are and what your company does, then it makes it easier for them to know how they might be able to do business with you.

For setting new business goals and follow ups, different Apps on social media can help you to get serious about your goals and keep you accountable for seeing them through until they are accomplished. Social media is constantly providing us with new channels for communication. Some will stick around and some won’t. Some will be good for professional development and some will be better for enhancing your personal life. But you won’t know for sure until you try them out.

There are many ways you can improve your business using social media; it allows us the ability to communicate with the people who can help us to advance professionally. It’s our responsibility to make the most of our opportunities and to grow and develop our business. If we are creative energetic and smart about our approaches online, we can open up ourselves to new possibilities and make our company flourish.