Wednesday Brand Solutions is an innovative startup that uses technology to create innovative events for our clients. With our employee and client dashboards, we will provide real-time events management that gives clients an ongoing view of how their campaigns are doing. These on-the-go updates and reports will be available through mobile apps, using the technology most people already have. This not only makes everything we do more efficient, but it also provides transparency with our clients.

Our capable team handles events throughout India. Since our clients can’t always attend these events in person, we’ve come up with a revolutionary way to bring them along with us. Using our new mobile app, our staff can upload pictures of crowds, workers handing out samples, and more. Our app prompts those workers to snap a picture every half hour or hour and, through logging into the mobile app from their own devices, clients can view those photos as the event is happening.

When a client begins working with us, we provide a login and instructions to download the app. This mobile app can run on clients’ existing smartphones and tablets, which means no additional equipment will have to be purchased. Our employees log into the same app using their mobile devices once they arrive at the event. Through regular alerts, they’ll be reminded to upload new pictures on an incremental basis, providing a real-time feed to clients on the other end.

Using technology to track events sets Wednesday Brand Solutions apart from others in the field. Each of our staff members will arrive at events armed with a mobile device in hand. This enables Wednesday Brand to be more transparent in everything we do, giving clients a firsthand view of the return on their investment.

Wednesday Brand Solutions has found the best way to build a brand is through hosting events. Specializing in conferences, entertainment events, celebrity nights, and more, Wednesday Brand has a team of experienced professionals who help in the strategizing and deployment of client events. That team includes experts in strategy, project planning, event organization, data mining, and much more. With a combined 80 years of experience, our team works together to make sure each event goes smoothly.

In addition to local events, Wednesday Brand team members can also manage your appearances at trade shows and roadshows throughout India. Thanks to our leading enterprise technology platform, clients are able to turn their appearances over to Wednesday Brand while staying in their own town. The Wednesday Brand client dashboard lets you see how our hard work is connecting with audiences from the comfort of your office or home.

Located in New Delhi, India, Wednesday Brand Solutions was founded by 15-year industry veteran Anupam Oberoi. While Oberoi has worked with some of the best brands in India, he noticed that many marketing firms and events-planning firms limited their services to one small area of the country. Oberoi’s mission was to nationalize his services, stationing workers throughout India in order to handle the needs of his firm’s clients.

For the technology part, Wednesday Brand Solutions partnered with Wegile, a leading digital marketing agency based out out of New York to build its enterprise web presence, enterprise portal and mobile app on Blackberry, Android, iPhone and Windows platform.

Wednesday Brand’s real-time event updates can be provided at trade shows, conferences and conventions, and any other event we manage. To learn more about our services and find out how we can organize your next event, contact us to day or visit our website.